Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CIT) designs and manufactures high-performance wire and cable, fiber optic cable, RF/microwave connectors, avionics trays, racks, integrated systems and complex cable assemblies for applications in the aerospace industry. The company also manufactures medical interconnect products for the surgical, electrosurgical, ultrasound, patient monitoring and wire harness applications. CIT also provides highly engineered products for the demanding environments of the defense industry including applications for radar systems, missiles, satellites and electronic warfare systems, and test and measurement solutions designed for RF/microwave and high speed analog and digital equipment.

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Carlisle Interconnect Technology’s (CIT) ARINC 791 in-flight connectivity solution cements Carlisle as a leader in SatCom Provisioning for commercial aircraft

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  • High performance interconnect solutions encompassing every facet of design and production: Aerospace Wire/Cable and Assemblies, RF/Microwave Cable, Connectors and Assemblies, Electronic Manufacturing Services, Medical Cable Assemblies.
Markets Large commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, military aircraft, defense electronics, test and measurement equipment, wireless infrastructure equipment and medical equipment designers and manufacturers.


For over 70 years Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has been providing leading-edge designs in wire and cable for commercial and military aircraft, avionics systems, in-flight entertainment systems and communications systems.

Test and Measurement/ Automated Test Equipment

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers test and measurement solutions specially designed for RF/Microwave and high speed analog & digital equipment including multimeters, oscilloscopes, digital analyzers, logic analyzers and network analyzers.

Defense Electronics

Since 1944 Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has been engineering products for the harsh and demanding environments of the defense industry. Typical product applications are for radar systems, missiles, satellites, forward looking infra-red systems, communication and electronic warfare systems.

Carlisle Medical Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies medical products provide customers a wide range of innovative solutions engineered specifically for the medical equipment industry. Applications include pulse oximetry systems, ECG/EKG monitoring, medical imaging, diagnostic systems including PET scan, MRI, X-ray and ultra sound systems.

Specialty Applications

With years of experience in building products engineered for specialty applications, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies can solve a variety of product needs including unique cable configurations, custom connectors, specialized harnesses and complete assemblies of any complexity with cost sensitivity in mind.