In 2008, Carlisle launched our 5/15/30/15/15 enterprise wide goals. We continue to make progress towards our goals. In order to achieve this strategy, we remain committed to our core philosophies of Decentralization, Diversification, Continuous Improvement and an Entrepreneurial Culture.

  • Carlisle believes that the best ideas in a truly continuous improvement culture come from the people doing the work every day. This is why we think decentralization is so key to our success. It also yields an efficient corporate structure, which minimizes bureaucratic waste.
  • Carlisle fosters an entrepreneurial culture and believes empowering employees to make decisions is a key element driving innovation, growth and creativity.
  • Carlisle believes that a portfolio of "Characteristically Carlisle" businesses – well-run companies with a strong brand presence and highly engineered products sold into niche markets – drives exceptional shareholder value and creates platforms for significant future growth.
  • The Carlisle Operating System based on Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma principles is the cornerstone of Carlisle’s culture of operational excellence, and gives us standard tools and processes to drive improvements and reduce waste across our businesses.
  • Finally, Carlisle believes in a conservative cash management approach: investing in our businesses, pursuing value-adding acquisitions, and returning cash to shareholders.