Corporate Governance

Carlisle Companies Inc. is committed to the highest ethical standards and conducting business throughout all of our operations with the highest level of integrity. It is through these efforts that we have earned the respect and trust of our shareholders, customers and employees and one of the many ways we plan to continue to deserve that trust.

The following documents adopted by Carlisle’s Board of Directors and its committees provide the framework within which we conduct business and by which every officer and employee of Carlisle is expected to be guided.

Carlisle Companies Incorporated – Disclosure Pursuant to California Transparency and Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657)

Carlisle Companies Incorporated, and its wholly owned subsidiaries and affiliates, (collectively “Carlisle”) are committed to continuing to find ways to become more economically, socially, and environmentally responsible and, in doing so, become a better global citizen. Included in Carlisle’s commitment to corporate responsibility is its universal adoption of the Carlisle Business Code of Ethics. Carlisle expects its business partners, including suppliers, to adhere to the same values shared by Carlisle and its employees. Carlisle endeavors to treat all people with trust, respect, and dignity, and strives to foster a culture of ethical concern.

The California Transparency and Supply Chains Act of 2010 is designed to increase the awareness of laws that prohibit child or forced labor. Carlisle expects its suppliers, as well as its own employees, to fully comply with Carlisle’s Corporate Responsibility Statement and Carlisle’s Business Code of Ethics and adhere to internal accountability standards. Carlisle reserves the right to disqualify or terminate employees or suppliers who do business with Carlisle who fail to conform to the same standards.

Carlisle is not aware that any of its suppliers engage in human trafficking or slavery. Therefore, at this point, Carlisle does not have a system that requires a separate certification, does not audit its suppliers for compliance with the laws regarding human trafficking or slavery or provide any separate training relating to these areas of concern, does not provide training on human trafficking and slavery, and Carlisle does not have a separate verification process to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery.

This disclosure applies to all Carlisle entities that are California taxpayers and therefore subject to the California Transparency and Supply Chains Act of 2010.