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Carlisle Operating System


Introduction to the Carlisle Operating System (COS)

The Carlisle Operating System (COS) is our business strategy to attain sustained exceptional results. It is how we create greater value for our customers and stakeholders. It guides how we work, solve problems, and improve.

Results are delivered through a standard leadership system for innovation and continuous improvement, leading to a competitive advantage.

The operating system:

  • Is founded on respect and engagement of our people, accountability, transparency, and data-driven decision making.
  • Creates the environment for innovation and learning.
  • Develops organizational capability and capacity.
  • Is based on lean and variation reduction principles and tools, project management, and development of people.

People: Valued, engaged, learning, multi-skilled and agile, COS knowledgeable, problem solving, value orientation, working as a team without functional boundaries. Focused on better every day.

Process: All work is accomplished through a process. Improvement is possible in every process. Information and material flow with minimal lead-time and waste.

Productivity: Growth in sales exceeds growth in cost. The right level of resources (material, people, equipment) in the right place at the right time.

OSHA Incident Rate

OSHA Incident rate graph

Path to Zero is the core of our safety management system, which is modeled on international and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards

Ongoing safety training, reporting of near misses to identify areas to improve, and a safety-first culture help drive our safety results. We are proud of our safety record but, as in every continuous improvement culture, we know there is always room for growth.